​​& E Homestead

J&E Homestead raises honey bees primarily for the benefit of pollination.  Several years ago Emily noticed that the garden did not produce well and that some plants did not produce at all.  She began researching bees and the following year Joel and Emily both took the Bee Keeper course in York County SC.  Two hives were started, one of which died.  The goal is to have 3-5 hives.  In 2015 Joel noticed a wild hive swarm from a giant oak tree.  That swarm and one in late summer were caught and placed in hive bodies.  Two packages were purchase as well.  Four hives were lost in 2015 during the summer for unknown reasons.  Currently there is one strong hive and a week swarm on the homestead.  J&E currently sell honey in pint sized canning jars (22oz) at venues and will be at the Florence, SC farmer's market.  When the website store is completed we will sell honey there as well.

The Magical Honey Bee