​​& E Homestead

     The breed of chicken being raised at J&E Homestead is the Rumpless Araucana.  We have both tuffed and clean faced birds.  When J&E Homestead relocated to Clio, SC, a cougar decimated our flock. Luckily we were able to obtain more.  Unfortunately, some of the stock was not rumpless.  It will take a few generations of selective breeding to eliminate that.  The Araucana lays blue, blue-green, or green eggs. The current flock at J&E is producing a light blue color.  We will be selling eggs at farmers markets and other such venues soon.  As we do reproduce our own birds, day old chick orders can be placed. Currently chicks must be picked up or I can deliver them to Livestock Show/Fair, or a farmers market.  Please call for orders.

The Rumpless Araucana.