​​& E Homestead

The Rabbitry

Champagne D'Argent Rabbits

We primarily raise Champagne D'Argent rabbits because they are a dual breed rabbit, ultimately supplying us with both quality meat and pelts.  They were brought to the United States from France and England in the mid-1920's.  They are a large rabbit, growing to about 9-11 pounds as seniors.  They are born black and turn silver gradually between 1-2 months of age.

We currently have 2 senior does, 1 senior buck, 3 junior does, and 2 junior bucks, giving us our offspring to sell and process.  All have pedigree certificates showing their lineage.  Please contact us for a current sales list or find us at a Carolina show!

Yes, many of our rabbits are for sale, and in most cases with pedigree certificates.  Please contact us, or check back as we plan to list our sales list in the store!