Private 10 acres with your own hunting cabin! Cripple Creek CO Sold

  • $70,000
Private 10 acres with your own hunting cabin! Cripple Creek CO For Sale

Let your inner trailblazer out with this beautiful 10 acre property outside of Cripple Creek CO.  Located off a quiet mountain road, this 10 acre frontier property has everything a nature buff would want.  A secluded property on the top of Cow Mountain, complete with a hunting cabin, storage shed and outhouse; this property gives you that weekend nature lover home-away-from-home feel.  Drive up to your quiet mountain property, warm up some hot cocoa on the cast iron wood-burning stove and enjoy peaceful mountain views.  Break out of the routine and breathe in the the pine scented mountain air on your own mountain top property!

Directions note: Gold Camp Rd shoots off through a gate that you may open to get to Cow Mountain (see towards end photo section).  Google maps has the best directions to get to the base of Cow Mountain (see our link below).  Drive up Cow Mountain Private Dr. until you get to the fork in the road with our For Sale Sign and Nelson Property Sign.  Fork to the right until you are at a tree clearing, this is the base of the property. The hunting cabin and shed are about 700 ft northwest of the base of the property (see the 3rd map photo).  Follow the signs and orange stake markers.

4 wheel drive is recommended.


Purchase Price: $70,000

Land Detail Description:

  • APN/Account Number: 10160.69020070
  • County: Teller
  • Size: 10 acres
  • Terrain: Tree filled Mountain Top/Mostly Flat
  • Access: Private Drive/Cow Mount Road (No defined Easement, Evidence of Implied Easement by Prescription)
  • Conveyance: Warranty Deed
  • Zoning: A-1 (Agricultural Zone)
  • Utilities: N/A
  • HOA: N/A
  • Property taxes: $228.56 per year
  • Google Maps Link: (copy into browser, directions to the base of cow mountain)
  • Approximate GPS coordinates:
  • 38.760795, -105.087397
  • 38.760693, -105.088456
  • 38.764605, -105.089958
  • 38.7644535, -105.0888006


Cripple Creek
Lot Size:
10 acres
For Sale
Property Type:
Const. Type:
Wooden Cabin

Call (720)441-2199 for more details